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I used to think that the life that I had been dealt was the life I was created to live. You see, being on my own after being homeless at the age of 13, I had experienced almost every misfortune that you can think of. But thanks be to the grace of God, I triumphed over them all and their accompanying obstacles.

Inspired by the many that have influenced my life, I have lived a life dedicated to service and education. This has led me on a deeply spiritual journey and intimacy with God.

Though I have been known by many titles, like health inspector, Army veteran, nurse Anesthetist, prophet, and teacher; it wasn't until I finally accepted my calling as God's vessel to do good and guide many back to Him as a Spiritual Life Coach that it all made sense.

My mission is to help 1 BILLION people overcome trauma through the power of Christ's love and
healing, as they grow in faith.
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