Growth Begins with Recognition

Every person's spiritual journey is unique. We all come into our journeys with different beliefs, values, and end goals. And the good news is, spiritual maturity isn't based on achievements, it's based on how you grow over time. And to fully understand your growth, it’s important to understand and accept where you're starting.

Embrace My Spiritual Journey


What Fruits Do You Aspire To?

Our assessment is based on the nine fruits of The Spirit. These are the actions and behaviors present in our life that demonstrate the Holy Spirit is at work within us. How ripe are these fruits in your life? Take our assessment to find out where you are in harvesting these fruits, and then use the results to guide you in crafting a personalized spiritual growth plan.


I want to grow spiritually

Clarify Your Journey

By taking a few minutes out of your day to take your free assessment, you will

  • Assess your spiritual growth
  • Reflect on necessities for your continued progress
  • Identify and articulate areas for spiritual improvement
  • Advance to your next level in your journey
  • Enjoy the fruits of personal and spiritual growth

Are you ready for a spiritual change and for this to be the time to prioritize your wellbeing?

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